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If you’re serious about learning the market leading
animation software, we’re hear to help

Why learn with us?



As well as HD videos and easy-to-follow written documents for each assignment, you’ll have a weekly one-to-one live video chat with your trainer, so you can ask questions in person.



Each section of the training focuses on the skills you need to be proficient in that area. You’ll also find ‘stretch tasks’ if it’s anarea you’re interested in.



If you’re committed to learning new software, you don’t want to be trawling information online to find what you need to know. We only teach the important stuff. It’s clear and concise.



Your tutor, Adam Oliver is an officially certified Toon Boom Harmony expert and animator by trade, so you’ll learn industry standard practices.



As well as our ‘easy read’ documentation and video demos, we provide 7 day-a-week support, so you’ll never stay stuck long.


Software included

Unique to this course, we provide a full 35-day license for Harmony Premium to all participants. That’s 4 weeks to study and 1 extra bonus week.

I need to know more!

Okay, let’s go back a few steps.

The 4 week intensive online course teaches you the animation software, Toon Boom Harmony. Why might you want to learn this? Well, it’s an industry standard for 2D productions in both TV and film, so we’re great if you want to work in animation. Topics we cover include drawing, animation, rigging, visual effects and much more. We also pack in plenty of top tips and time savers along the way.

Whether you’re a professional looking increase your employment chances, a student wanting a head start on the academic year or a keen hobbyist who wants to get stuck into making their own films, Toon Boom Trainer will get you up to speed in no time.

Meet your trainer

The school will be taught by Adam Oliver, a certified Toon Boom expert and animator by trade. With over a decade’s experience in TV, film and commercial work, Adam knows what is required to succeed in a fast-paced studio environment. He’ll teach you the industry-standard methods for working with the software, as well as useful advice based on his own experiences.

3 quick facts about Adam

  • Born in Nottingham, now living in Manchester
  • Dislikes: Low ceilings (he’s 6ft 4″)
  • Loves: Tom & Jerry, Useless facts, Cheese

Adam Oliver - Toon Boom trainer

Weekly plan

Here’s how we’ll do things when the course begins

  • Connector.

    Video briefing and assignment

    At the start of each week you’ll be sent a video brief and your assignment. You’ll also receive clearly written instructions and all the work files you need to get studying. Our support documents are written in plain English and all videos are filmed in crystal clear HD, so you’ll never miss a step.

  • Connector.

    Complete the weekly tasks

    You’ll have 7 days to complete your assignment. Working full time? Not a problem. Our courses are designed so that you can complete them on evenings and weekends. For those with more time on their hands, every module includes ‘stretch tasks’ to compound your learning.

  • Connector.

    Ask any questions

    We really do pack our modules with the best support material we can muster, but if the videos and written documents still leave you stuck, no worries! We have direct support here for you, 7 days a week.

  • Connector.

    Send for review

    The end of the week and you finished your assignments, great stuff! Send them off for review you’ll receive personalised feedback during your weekly video chat. Onto the next assignment!

Student check list

You’ll need these things to take part:

  • PC/Mac computer
  • Broadband internet
  • Webcam/camera phone
  • Pen tablet (preferable)
  • Part time study availability

100% money back guarantee

We hope you’ll love us, but sometimes things aren’t meant to be.
If you find the course isn’t what you were after, tell us within
7 days and we’ll refund every penny.


The course can be completed in as little as 3 hours a week!
There are also plenty of ‘stretch tasks’ to complete if you have more time to study.

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