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Affordable, one-to-one training

A cost effective way to learn a complex software package with a real, personal tutor in just 5 weeks

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Why learn with us?



As well as HD videos and easy-to-follow worksheets, you’ll have a weekly one-to-one live video tutorial with your trainer, so you can ask any specific questions in person.



Each week builds on core areas you’ll need to to work to a professional level in the software. You can focus on all topics covered, or just the ones that interest you.



We only teach the important stuff. It’s clear and concise. No more trawling through tutorials online, waiting for the relevant answer to your problem.



Your tutor, Adam Oliver is an officially certified Toon Boom Harmony expert and animator by trade, so you’ll learn industry standard practices.



As well as our ‘easy read’ documentation and video demos, we provide 7 day-a-week support, so you’ll never stay stuck long.


Software included

Unique to this course, we provide a full 40 day license to the latest version of Toon Boom Harmony, to all participants.

More details...

Our personalised, 5 week courses teaches you how to build or animate characters to a professional level in Toon Boom Harmony.

Why might you want to learn this?

Well, the software is an industry standard for 2D productions in both TV and film, so a great choice if you would like a job in one of the many animation studios around the world. Our courses are also a great way to unlock your creative potential in the world of animation. Once you know the techniques to make and move your ideas around the screen, the opportunities are limitless!

Whether you're a professional looking increase your employment chances, a student wanting a head start on a creative career or a keen hobbyist who wants to get stuck into making their own films, Toon Boom Trainer makes learning software fast and fun.

Toon Boom Trainer is fully independent of Toon Boom Animation and all the software it produces. This gives us honest impartiality, meaning we won't 'hype' new features if they aren't useful for your workflow. We also teach handy tips and fast workarounds that you'll find in many animation studios. After all, we're not here to sell you the software, we're here to teach.

Traditional animation breakdown

Meet your trainer

The course is taught by Adam Oliver, a certified Toon Boom expert and animator by trade. With over a decade’s experience in TV, film and commercial work, Adam knows what is required to succeed in a fast-paced studio environment. He’ll teach you the industry-standard methods for working with the software, as well as useful advice based on his own experiences.

3 quick facts about Adam

  • Lives in Manchester, England
  • Dislikes: Low ceilings (he’s 6ft 4″)
  • Loves: Harry the dog (see picture…)

Adam Oliver - Toon Boom trainer

Weekly plan

Here’s what you can expect on a weekly basis when you sign up for the course.

  • Watch the videos

    At the start of each week you’ll be sent a selection of easy-to-follow videos to watch, focusing on a few core topics aimed at improving your animation skills. All videos are filmed in HD, so you’ll never miss a step.

  • Complete the weekly tasks

    You’ll be given optional mini tasks to complete to consolidate your learning. Working full time? Not a problem. Our courses are designed so that you can take part from just 4 spare hours a week.

  • Book a tutorial

    You’ll want to take advantage of the one-to-one tutorials by booking at a time that suits you, allowing us to tailor your learning experience. Need help with something sooner? Use the 7 day email support system.

  • Send for review

    By the end of the week you may have some work that you’d like feedback on. Great! Send them off for review to receive personalised feedback. Onto the next weeks videos!

Course Curriculum

Here’s what we cover over the 5 weeks during the ANIMATION course

Here’s what we cover over the 5 weeks during the RIGGING course


Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our previous students have to say

In a short space of time I've gone from knowing practically nothing to being able to fully rig and animate within the software. Adam has been
nothing but open and friendly during his tuition, and has always been available to help with any issues I faced, making him a fantastic tutor. There's no way I would have been able to get the job on Disney's Tangled TV series without this course.

Tom Lavery

I've really enjoyed the course the video tutorials are excellent. Super clear, concise, easy to follow and the one-on-one tutorials are great.
It allows you to work at your own pace, I'd definitely recommend it!

Charlotte Kieran

Builds up to more advanced techniques in an easy to follow video format and practical examples. I loved the inclusion of extra tasks if you wanted to learn more.

Tomás Martin

Watching these tutorials has helped me pick up my skills in Toon Boom much quicker than any other method. The one-to-one feedback feature is great for
improving work and to discuss any queries I've had. I'm learnt lots and enjoyed the process.

Catherine Egan

Not only do you get a comprehensive understanding of how to use Toon Boom Harmony and its depth, you also get Adam.
His guidance and willingness to adapt to your direction is what makes the course truly unique and special.

Cole Delaney

Toon Boom Trainer is a outstanding online training course that not only improves your skills in animation, but also the
understanding of a popular software that is used worldwide with the help from great mentors.

Mark Brennan

Student check list

You’ll need these things to take part:

  • PC/Mac computer
  • Broadband internet
  • Webcam/camera phone
  • Pen tablet (preferable)
  • Part time study (4 hours +)

100% money back guarantee

We hope you'll love us, but sometimes things aren't meant to be. If you change your mind, just tell us within 5 days and we'll refund every penny.

Important update!

We've upgraded the learning experience and have a new name! Head over to Adam's Animation Academy for all the up-to-date information on our courses and to learn more

Visit Adam's Animation Academy

Visit Adam's Animation Academy
Visit Adam's Animation Academy

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